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The monthly experiments

Kay and I have a little activity we like to do most months.  We will cut out something or add in an activity we have to do every day.  In the past, this has manifested as "No soda for a month", or "No chicken".  These restrictions are always interesting and lead us to modify our eating habits.  The biggest change so far is that after our first no soda experiment, I largely gave up drinking it entirely.  I will sometimes still get it at a restaurant, but that's about it.

Next month I'm purposing something a bit different.  Rather than the normal subtracting, I'm thinking of adding in something namely to write at least a paragraph each day.  I plan to use this as an opportunity to write some letters, and to update this blog on a more than monthly basis.

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3d printing on hold

After talking to a few community members, most notably Jetguy, I have decided to put my extruder building on hold, and go with some more simple modifications

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Planned Stepstruder mk7 upgrade

I've been printing very little lately, I've found that ABS prints have been curling more than normal lately, and that PLA prints have just been failing all together. I assume this is due to the extra heat and humidity in my office, but I have a plan to fix this. I'm going to try out the idea here: along with some tips from Jetguy over on the makerbot vintage group. I plan to create a barrel as Matt Donley describes, but a bit longer than the standard size. In the gap that'll exist between the hot end and the cold end I plan on lining the thermal barrel with heat sinks. I'm hoping these two modifications will be enough to allow me to print in PLA reliably. First I need to figure out if I want to try to tap a steel tube or if I want to drill out a bolt.

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nRF24L01+ with Arduino

I've been playing with some nRF24L01+ as of late. I've got two hooked up my Arduinos and have been trying to get data transmission working between them. I fear that since I got them so cheaply they might be flawed, or that Wifi has been interfering with them.  More testing will hopefully shed some light on this.

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Thing-O-Matic Firmware

Last night I upgraded my Thing-O-Matic to use Jetty's Sailfish firmware, along with upgrading the extruder firmware.  The extruder was a bit harder to upgrade since it required getting a USB cable in at a very odd angle and detaching the connection to the main board, and the power connection to the PSU.  The main board upgrade to sailfish was easy as could be to do.  I'll be running calibration tonight so I'm hoping to get some good speed and quality.


Raspberry PI hooked up

I finally re installed Raspbian on my Raspberry PI, turned on SSH, and enabled port forwarding.  I can now connect to my raspberry pi from my cellphone over SSH.  A small effort, but it's pretty cool.

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February Thing-A-Day

I'm going to try my best to keep my blog updated for at least the month and to participate in the Thing-A-Day project.  I don't have a whole lot of time, so I'm going to try to keep my entries to something that can be done in 30 to 45  minutes.


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Time with the HBP

I've spent a few weeks with the HBP, and it's pretty great. The detail on prints is definitely better, and I get very few to no failed prints. A second improvement has been moving the printer from my wobbly desk to a very rigid cabinet. The last upgrade I need to make it switching to using thumb dials on my bolts on the HBP for better leveling. Once I make that I hope to get close to the maximum quality.

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Belt issue Fixed

Once again I've fixed the belt issue with my Thing-O-Matic, it seems that it was most likely just the tension being off in the X and Y, plus the model having some flaws. I tightened both belts and cleaned up my sketchup based model in netfabb and meshlab and was able to get a good print of it this morning. It should be a good weekend for printing!

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Processing Fun

I code all day, most days. That said, I love processing. It's both fun and easy to use, it's a bit like someone giving you a box of crayons and some paper rather than the normal dull pencils and forms to fill out.

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