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Currently my blog has fallen by the way side for a number of reasons, most of them being related to projects.  To be honest I'm not quite sure what most people do with their time, but I tend to engage myself in a number of different projects that peak my interests.  To keep this short and to make sure I don't spend the next few days editing this post only to delete it, here is a list of my current projects and statuses.

Touch Table - This was going to be a FTIR based table, but it seems like I might go with a DI instead since FTIR is proving difficult.  I remounted the electronics for the display, and the display itself recently, it's starting to look quite nice.

Warhammer 40k Armies - More priming/painting of space marines, and terrain.

DIY Eggbot - The motor controller has been put together, and just needs to be tested. Started to draw plans for the framework.  Need to mock this up in poster board.

DIY CNC Mill - This one is a long, long shot.  I'm going to say that for now this is till 10% reality, and 90% pipe dream.  I've done a good amount of research on existing DIY and commercial solutions, which have dashed my hopes a bit.  A kit solution will run a few hundred dollars, and a DIY solution will probably require more mechanical engineering skills than I currently have.  I'm hopeful that in a year I'll have a dual axis machine, but only time will tell how realistic that is.

Altoids Tin Solder fume extractor - Found the fan I needed, found activated carbon filter, found a switch I like.  Need to cut paint, and solder up.

Micro forge - Bought the fire bricks needed, and have the drill bits, just need the time.  Probably won't be worked on till spring.

Aerial camera rig - Camera was removed from it's old housing, and had an external battery pack added.  The membrane buttons need to be broken out to transistor controls on a 8 pin Arduino clone.

Lego cleaning / sorting - legos are being stored by color, function, and/or size and will be cleaned.

Tools and workbench has been setup for the most part, and are being organized.  Some junk electronics and computers I have are being broken down and recycled for parts.

These are the top projects for the next few weeks.   I'm hoping to have at the Camera rig, the touch table, the fume extractor, and the lego storing done by the new year.

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