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Makerbot Thing-O-Matic update

So far Kay and I have probably spent around 18 to 20 hours assembling our new Thing-O-Matic.  We spent the better parts of both Saturday and Sunday on this, and at this point have finished the main construction.   Next we will need to spend time making sure we did everything properly, which includes testing every moving parts, end stop switches, making sure the heater elements heat up properly, and that the temperature sensors are getting accurate readings.  Once this is done we need to go through a calibration process to make sure our bearings have proper alignment, and that each axis is positioned correctly.  Once this is done we can finally make some test prints to be sure that we have proper X and Y belt tension.  This process will probably take some of both Monday and Tuesday nights, and unless we hit any major snags we should be printing by Wednesday.

While the main assembly was a bit of a bear I'm very glad to have done it.  You really get an excellent sense of have something works when you are the one to assembly it yourself.  I've seen makerbots in action in many videos, read assembly instructions,  and even briefly seen them in person on NY Comic Con 2011, but nothing gives you the sense of the thing till you've assembled one and have it sitting in front of you.  While I'm used to building things from kits, and reading instructions this is by far the most complex thing I have ever put together.  I'm still excited about it as well, normally I think I'd be burned out after such long hours of working away on something, but this has really invigorated me.  I'll be posting more this week about some of the harder parts of assembly, and my plans for maintenance.  For now I'm happy to be back at work and to work on coding again.


Logitech revue

In August I picked up a Logitech Revue, a Google TV set to box. It currently runs on Android 2.0 and sadly does not yet have access to the android market. After using it for several months I can say it was a wise purchase, even lacking the newest Google Tv features. While I think it's keyboard, which works as a remote to your cable box and TV, is its best feature it worth the 99 dollars. I watch a lot of content from youTube and find the ability to do so from the couch an excellent experience. that's really all I can say about it, it plays Netflix, YouTube, and has a fairly good web browser. I'll have more to say if Logitech ever releases its update.

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3d touch table update

Now that I've begun to work on direct back illumination rather than FTIR I need to start to build some ilumination units. So far I've built two units on bread boards and have been testing for both illumination and heat. So far it's to hot on the resistors and not bright enough.

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