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Useful Inkscape laser cutter plugins

So I just wanted to catalog some of the useful Inkscape plugins that exist for laser cutter work.

First, the Elliptical box plugin by Bastiaan van der Peet.  You can find it here:  Is allows you to make elliptical boxes that are mostly living hinges.

Next up is the tabbed box maker.  The original version was made by Elliot White and you can find it here: but I like the modified version found here by Paul Hutchison.  This allows you to make tabbed fit together boxes, which is fantastic.

These plugins I can speak for being excellent.  I loved using them, and highly recommend them.  So next a few I've just found and can't wait to try:

The living hinge: by drphonon.  This one seems like fun since it allows you to create a living hinge in any rectangle.

The laser jigsaw piece cutter, by Neon22.  I'm not sure how much I'll use this, but it seems neat.

Also by neon22 another tabbed box plugin:  I don't know what more I'd want out of a box maker plugin, but I want to give this one a try too.

Finally the Ratchet drawing by kie27.  This allows you to create a ratchet for a ratching mechanism.


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