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Node on Raspberry PI

Just a note, the package name for node.js is nodejs not node.  I spent a good 20 minutes on Saturday trying to figure out why my node.js hello world would not run on the pi.

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iOS development

Recently I started iOS development at work.  That's about it.  After doing Android development I expected a lot more from it.  Sure making a pretty interface is easy, but hooking it up really sucks.  So after my initial experience I'm even more committed to android development.

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C# Office 2007 Add-in

I've started playing with some Office 2007 .net Add-in tutorials, along with scores of other things, in my spare time.  The one problem I kept running into almost before I started was that I was unable to get even a blank project to compile.  I kept running into an error, and wasn't having any luck finding a solution.  Today I found one here:     So my deep thanks go to Robje for this valuable information.   The problem was that even though I had the latest version of Office 2007 installed and Visual studio 2008, I still needed to download  "Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office system".  Once I had that installed I was finally able to compile my project, and hopefully I'll have some demos running soon.

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