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Getting back

It's been almost three years since my last post,so I'm going to get back to updating this on a more regular basis.  So let's recap the last few years.


3d printing:

I now have 4(ish) printers.  I have the Thing-O-Matic which lost it's ability to heat it's bed.  Considering the print quality is pretty bad on this machine unless run around 35 mm/s I doubt it'll get much future use.  I  did end up building the i3 and had it running for a few months.  The quality was never great due to high levels of z-banding due to wooden frame not being very rigid.  After a few months I also snapped the knock off j-head hotend.  That printer was recently taken apart completely and rebuild using pieces from an incomplete Original Prusa i3 Plus I bought off ebay.  The two printers combined together to make a very rigid and nice looking printer.  I'm still in the process of wiring it and getting the frame square, but I hope to have it running in the next few days.  I also ordered MK2 and MK2s upgrade kits from Prusa.  This will allow me to use the left overs from the Original Prusa i3, to create a full Prusa i3 MK2s.  The final printer is a recent buy that I got on a whim.  It's a Tronxy X1, which is a  kit that runs for around $150.  I wasn't expecting much from this printer, and thought that if it didn't work out, at least I'd have some v-slot and steppers to use for other random projects.  I'm shocked to say that not only does this printer work, but it works incredibly well.  I've been able to produce not only good looking prints, but functional items.  I just last night printed Emmett's geared bearing and it runs pretty smoothly.  So for now I'm waiting on my MK2s parts to ship, and working on calibration the Tronxy x1's profile while finishing the i3 build.


Laser Cutting:

I bought a laser cutter.   Why?   Cutting things with a laser is awesome.  Anyway, I got a K40, which is a cheap Chinese laser cutter.  Mine came with extremely locked down software and a control board to match.  On a few long jobs I had it decide it was done and simply move from the top left to bottom right of a piece and cut it in half.  Given the horrible software UI and the odd behavior I switched out the Moshi control board for a Cohesion 3d mini board, and LaserWeb3 on the software side.  Since then the cutter has been great, I've been able to do cutting and engraving without to much trouble.



Really the only tinkering I've done here has been to upgrade the laser electronics and solder new power and fan connections.



Last year I bought a an OSVR headset and a Gear VR  as a means to get into VR.  The Gear VR has been pretty nice, but it causes my phone to overheat on certain apps after short usage.  Due to that it's largely used to show people VR, but mostly sits around.  The OSVR however has already been sold off.  The software for it was flaky at best, and it lead to a few incidents of me getting motion sick.  I've heard the new versions are better, but I've moved on since I bought a Vive.  The Vive is by far one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  The nicest thing I can say about it, is that it simply just works, and does what you'd expect it to.  There is no missed tracking, no slowness in tracking your hands, it all just works.



After having had enough pictures with my micro 4/3 cameras that came out blurrier than I wanted, I abandoned the format.  I sold both my GF1, and the Pentax Q in favor of two used DSLR bodies.   Now I'm fully back in the Canon DSLR world and so far very happy with the results.


Video games:

I do tend to post about those over on


That's a brief over view of my hobby activities for the last few years.  There has been more, but I plan to break those up into future posts.

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